Torrey Football

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Torrey Football Mission Statement:

Perseverance, Accountability, Integrity, and Enthusiasm are the Roots of TORREY PRIDE and the Torrey Football Program. Torrey Football players are expected to enthusiastically strive for excellence in meeting the high standards that TORREY PRIDE demands. The ultimate goal of the Torrey Football Program is to guide tomorrow's leaders, through the game of football, to become loving men who pride themselves on their Perseverance, Accountability, Integrity, and Enthusiasm

Torrey Football coaches enthusiastically lead by example in demanding that each player is accountable, perseveres through adversity, and handles himself with integrity at all times. While each coach demonstrates his passion for football on a daily basis, it is his love of working with and teaching young men that drives his desire and enthusiasm to coach at La Jolla Country Day.

We teach and stress the idea of No P.A.I.N. no gain. In order to gain in life and on the field, players will battle adversity. Without working through P.A.I.N., players will not reach their full potential.

The ROOTS of Torrey Football:

    • What do you do when the going gets tough?
      1. Work Ethic - get after it, GRIND. 
      2. Relentless Effort - nothing but your BEST is acceptable.
      3. Mental Toughness - be RESILIENT under pressure.
      4. Refusal to Quit - never, never, NEVER quit.
    • Can you be depended on?
      1. Responsible - take care of business.
      2. Discipline - make good decisions. 
      3. "All In" - show up EVERY DAY ready to work.
      4. Trust -  do what you're counted on to do.
    • Who are you when nobody is watching?
      1. Pride - always do things the RIGHT way.
      2. Details - do the LITTLE THINGS right.
      3. Respect - treat EVERYONE well.
      4. Unselfish - think of OTHERS before self.
      5. Honesty - be true to your word, NEVER lie.
    • Do you bring passion and energy everyday?
      1. Love - be CARING to everyone, and have PASSION.
      2. Attitude - bring ENERGY to everything you do.
      3. Belief - unwavering CONFIDENCE in getting it done. 
      4. Positivity - be an OPTIMIST.

One Tree, One Team

Torrey Pride!

Tyler Hales

Head Football Coach

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c: (617) 968-1864

w: (858) 453-3440 x193